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The quick guide to Hiring your first Employee

Thinking of hiring your first employee? Read this first! 

Ready to hire your first employee? What an exciting time for you and your business…

But it’s likely a scary time too. Hiring your first employee is a big responsibility and you might be nervous about getting it wrong. 

That’s why we’ve created this guide – it will talk you through everything you need to know so that you can hire with confidence including: 

  • The cost of hiring your first employee vs not hiring at all 
  • What research do you need to complete before advertising your new role 
  • How to create an awesome job ad and what to include 
  • What to consider from an HR perspective when hiring your first employee
  • The best way to shortlist and interview candidates 
  • How to formally offer your position to the lucky candidate 
  • What do you legally need to do before making your first hire
  • What HR documents you will need for your first employee 
  • How to give your new employee the best start 

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About the Author

Emma is an HR expert and specialises in helping small businesses with all their HR needs.  She understands your industry and the challenges you come up against every day. She also understands the challenges of growing your business and hiring staff. Emma has written this guide to help you understand exactly what you need to consider and plan for when hiring your first employee.

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Giving you all this valuable information at no cost is the best way for you to learn about me and what I can do to help improve your HR.  Maybe we’ll go on to do some work together in the future. Maybe we won’t. Either way, there’s no obligation to use my services in the future.

Hiring your first employee

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