EDLIGO, a leading provider of AI-powered Talent Analytics solutions, has announced a collaboration with Emma Smith, founder, and Managing Director of The Horsey HR Lady, an expert in data-driven HR practices, and a certified auditor for ISO30414. The collaboration aims to help organizations implement EDLIGO’s data-centric Talent and Skills Management solutions, leveraging Emma’s expertise to drive enhanced employee engagement and business performance.

As a provider of AI-powered Talent Analytics solutions, EDLIGO offers organizations the ability to gain deeper insights into their workforce, identify skills gaps, and fine-tune their HR approaches. By leveraging data and analytics, EDLIGO’s offerings empower businesses to make informed decisions about their talent, ultimately fostering improved employee engagement and a more productive workforce.

Emma Smith brings a wealth of experience to the collaboration, having spent over 15 years in HR leadership roles across a range of industries. Emma is a well-regarded expert in data-driven HR practices, having helped companies of all sizes leverage data to optimize their HR strategies and drive business results.

“EDLIGO is thrilled to be collaborating with Emma Smith to help more organizations realize the benefits of data-centric Talent and Skills Management,” said Gert Koolma, Director of Sales & Account Management at EDLIGO. “Emma’s deep expertise in HR and data analytics will be a tremendous asset to our clients as they seek to unlock the full potential of their workforce.”

Emma Smith added: “I’m looking forward to working with EDLIGO to help organizations get and use accurate data about their teams. In a world full of data, HR teams need to leverage the data that they have whilst the business is making decisions. EDLIGO’s platform is easy to use for employees, managers and HR teams to really start to dig into talent analytics. “

HR Expert Emma Smith, The Horsey HR Lady

Through the collaboration, EDLIGO and Emma Smith will work together to help organizations implement Talent and Skills Management solutions that enable data-driven decision-making and foster enhanced employee engagement. Together, they will help companies optimize their HR strategies and improve business outcomes.

About Emma Smith and The Horsey HR Lady

Emma Smith, founder, and Managing Director of The Horsey HR Lady, provides outsourced HR services to other businesses across the UK. The services include working with internal HR Teams to make HR Reporting more meaningful, Consultancy support with gaining the external audit certification for #ISO30414, auditor for the #ISO30414 standard and conducting workshops on People Analytics to raise the awareness of what people analytics can do.

Emma Smith on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/horseyhrlady/ 

The Horsey HR Lady: https://thehorseyhrlady.co.uk/ 

The Horsey HR Lady collaborates with EDLIGO Talent Analytics


EDLIGO is a leading provider of AI-powered Talent Analytics solutions, specializing in data-centric Talent and Skills Management. EDLIGO’s offerings empower organizations to gain deeper insights into their workforce and fine-tune their HR approaches, ultimately fostering enhanced employee engagement and bolstering business performance.

More information about EDLIGO: www.edligo.com 


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