HR Reports, Metrics and ISO30414

Most organisations will use HR Metrics as part of their HR reports. They are things like sickness absence rates, employee turnover (how many people are leaving) and where our job applicants find out about our vacancies. Fewer people are aware of ISO 30414:2018 – Human resource management – Guidelines for internal and external human capital […]

Employment Law Changes – April 2024

As usual, there are a number of changes that take place in April 2024. Here is a run through of the changes and what they could mean for your business. National Minimum/Living Wage The big change here is that the National Living Wage will apply to anyone aged 21 and over. This is a reduction […]

A new collaboration with Edligo to Help Companies Implement Data-Centric Talent and Skills Management

EDLIGO, a leading provider of AI-powered Talent Analytics solutions, has announced a collaboration with Emma Smith, founder, and Managing Director of The Horsey HR Lady, an expert in data-driven HR practices, and a certified auditor for ISO30414. The collaboration aims to help organizations implement EDLIGO’s data-centric Talent and Skills Management solutions, leveraging Emma’s expertise to drive enhanced […]

Recruitment & Analytics – Part 2

This is the second of my assignments for university around analytics in the world of recruitment. Introduction The proposed topic is the use of data and analytics within the realm of recruitment. Many sectors are finding it hard to recruit in the current climate that covers a wide span of jobs, from those paying minimum […]

Recruitment & Analytics – Part 1

This is one of my assignments for my university course – MSc in People Analytics with the University of Hull Research Topic The topic proposal to be researched is the use of analytics within the realm of recruitment. I am doing this as one of my clients is growing massively at the moment and they […]

People Analytics – What is it and why is it important?

What is People Analytics? People analytics is the use of data and statistical analysis to understand and manage human resources within an organization. This includes using data to make decisions about recruitment, performance management, training and development, compensation, and other HR-related issues. The goal of people analytics is to improve the effectiveness of the workforce […]