But Why a rebrand - what benefit does that have after 3 years?

Why a rebrand? 

When I started my business back in 2019, I was at the car dealership sorting out a new car and they asked me for my business name. At that point, I didn’t have one and so, ES HR Consultancy was born. My initials and what I do. Incredibly imaginative!

It never really gelled with me though and if you’ve seen me at recent networking events, you’ll probably know that it took 18 months for me to realise that the logo the web designer created for me was actually my initials.

Emma and her horse Cherry

I have always had a passion for horses although I didn’t start to interact with them or learn to ride until I was nine (when I had to be taken to school or I’d go to the local stables which were a few hundred yards away from school). From there, my love for horses grew with me riding as often as I could and/or helping out at the local yard. This led to me purchasing my own horse in 2016 and who sadly passed away in 2021.

I went on a copywriting course with the fabulous Jo from Spaghetti Agency and we were all talking about our ideal client, and, as usual, I brought horses into the conversation (this isn’t unusual with any horse lover let alone an owner). From there, The Horsey HR Lady became my tagline. The more I used the tagline, the more I realised that this should have been the name of the business.

I have been asked whether I will only work with horse businesses, and whilst I would love to, this is about me and my brand. I am an HR Professional who also has a passion for horses. I will work with organisations across the UK who would like to work with me whether that is solely for support with HR analytics and an audit against ISO 30414 or for smaller businesses where I am the HR Department.

The services that I offer are unchanged:

  • Retained HR services – where effectively I am your business’s HR department
  • Ad-hoc HR support – either on an hourly or daily rate basis
  • Audit work with HCM Metrics against the HR Reporting ISO standard (ISO 30414)
  • Working with businesses who want to use their HR data to support business decision making
  • HR Software to support your business

This is where the power of networking really comes in. From the Business Buzz network I, have met a lot of people, but I chose people who I had built relationships with to support my business change.

The new logo was designed by Paul of CoolGoldFish Designs

The new website was built by Bob of The Web Creatives

Website hosting and management is with Jason from Hipposerve

And my SharePoint, emails are all supported by Magnetar IT.

The rebrand has really pushed me to start thinking differently about the business because this time, I’ve had a hand in the creation of the logo, the website content and the colours. It is much more me and some of that is the journey that I’ve been on the last 3 years with my business.


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